Why the SAFR can meet all our claims

The SAFR uses a Molten Salt fast spectrum core to generate power with 10 times the power density of a light water reactor.
The SAFR uses Mercury as coolant to cool the core with 6 times the power density of water.
The SAFR leverages the mercury vapor to generate power with 4 times the power density of steam.

Is there a compromise?
In order to meet the goal of no moving parts, natural convection within the molten salt is used to move heat from the central energy generating region to the vessel wall, which limits the amount of power that may be moved while still maintaining criticality inside our physical constraint for shipping. Because of this, the SAFR will be limited to some tens of megawatts core power, and so is a Small Modular Reactor. The initial fueling for the core will be perhaps a quarter the fuel required for a gigawatt scale plant, but the low power draw will mean that fuel load will last decades.

But wait - there's more!
By using a Thorium fuel cycle, the SAFR can Breed Even. This means that almost exactly the same amount of fuel is made as is burnt, for as long as the ratio of fuel to fertile remains the same. So, such a system will be fed only Thorium to make up for the power use, and will run for decades with no shipments of nuclear special fissionable material - simplifying safeguards compliance for the operations company.